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    Sweet,funny,cute,smart,cool, sassy, Love to laugh, love joke's and love to have fun and to hang out with familly and friend's. Love movies and shopping, and traveling on the Amtrak Train's, talking on the phone, being on the internet, and riding my uncle's bus. My favorite TV Show's are Full House, 7th.Heaven,COPS, The Cosby Show, Big Brother,The 6pm news news on komo tv 4

    Tuesday, August 25, 2009

    My Summer,

    Well my summer has been going great!! There two crazy women who like to go around with their children and be mean and harass people at the Kent,Library, ( in Kent,Wa.) and their finding out that NOBODY AND I,MEAN NOBODY, is putting up with them or the way they act. They ONLY want people they like going to the Library. well there NOT getting their way at all and I, think (as well as other people) tha tthey've got something missing upstair . ( if ya know what I,mean) See I, told ya they're crazy!! Well King County, got it's Link Light Rail up and running and it's great for some people butt NOT for all. I, rather ride the Sounder Commuter Rail instead. It's more fun and it has restrooms, and cold refreshing drinking water onboard and it's free. ( The water not the ride) Well I'm at work right now and it's kinda fun cuz the boss and his boss are not here. BUT the draw back is I, have to put up with the most irritating co-worker of all. (You all know the type.) My house mate is a pain in the butt and so is my other housemate. My little guy Mikey, is here with me at work right now and he's loving it. He's 7 and his sister is almost 2. She's at daycare. Mikey, hates daycare so he got out of it for 2day. Well u all have a gr8t day and I'll chat at ya again.Alex

    Thursday, February 14, 2008


    Tuesday, July 17, 2007


    Well Hello everyone how are you? I'm allright!!
    Well The Seattle Mariner's won last night. That was a mericale. So what's new out there?

    Saturday, February 03, 2007

    Happy New Year 2007!!

    2006 went by way to fast!!
    Well I, hope and trust that everyone is doing great and all is well? 2007 didn't exactlly start out great for me. I, hurt my lower back on Jan. 01st. in thew morning while getting dressed. then it snowed. Yuckie!! Butt it's Feburary, now and it getting better. Well you all take care and I'll see you.

    Tuesday, September 26, 2006

    Hello Fall Good Bye Summer!!

    So did everyone have a good summer? I, did!!
    I, went to Levenworth,Wa and had a great time in the town and hiked around Blackbird Island, and had a blast. It was hot though just like it allway's is in Eastern Washington. Well the Seattle Mainer's didn't do so well this year butt hey there's allway's next year? Well you all have a good one.

    Saturday, April 01, 2006

    Happy April Everyone!!

    Hello Everyone!!
    Sorry it's been a long, long time sinse I've been here butt lot's been happening. I, had surgery and I'm doing better now.
    Well it's April, now and don't FORGET TO CHANGE YOUR CLOCK'S UP ONE HOUR ON SUNDAY APRIL 02, 2006!!
    If your hungry and would like some great food well then check out Changs Mongolian Grill!!

    Thursday, February 09, 2006

    Hello Everyone and Happy February!!

    Hello sorry it's been along, long time since my last post been busy, in the hospital, and well you all know how it gets sometimes? Well it's February, now and it's also Black History Month, and also It's Happy Valentine's Day on the 14th. of this month. The Sea(chicken's)hawks still SUCK!! The game was a waste and the Steelers and the official's were cheating. I, just love the spell-checker on this thing. Well you all have a great day and check back soon.